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A Chance of Headache

America is a land of technological prowess and constant innovation and it seems the weather services are now predicting the chance a migraine sufferer might have a a headache on any given day. Please see the link below for more details.


While in Australia we haven’t yet achieved such a high degree of diagnostic accuracy that we are able to pinpoint the chance an individual might get a headache, while at the same time predicting the chance of drizzle for a geographic area at any particular time, our researchers are still making leaps and bounds.

A recent collaboration between an Australian Chiropractor, a Norwegian Neurologist and other researchers has been able to demonstrate the efficacy of chiropractic care, and in particular spinal adjustments, in reducing the pain of migraine sufferers. This will come as good news to a big group of people. Migraine sufferers are rarely able to work on a day they have migraine headache, light and sound are hurtful. They may feel nauseous and vomit, or just have a constant horrible pain. Frequently the only thing they will find relief in is a good lie down and the time to wait it out.

Now though there are more options available, migraine sufferers were found to have less frequent headache, decreased medication usage as well decreased headache intensity. For a lot of people the decreased medication use alone will be very welcome, the day or three of pain killing drug use can leave the brain feeling exhausted and the liver feeling stressed to capacity.

If you have suffered from migraine headache then it seems the case for consulting your chiropractor is getting stronger all the time. In fact Dr Michael O’Doherty and Dr Amanda Collins here at Chiropractic Moves were both trained by Dr Peter Tuchin, who co authored this study, at Macquarie University and have a high degree of experience and knowledge when it comes to treating migraine.




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