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Breathe and Move for Your Spine

As part of maintaining their registration chiropractors are constantly required to review and update their skill and knowledge base. I recently had the opportunity to attend a weekend seminar on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS), review my skills in this area and gain some new ones. DNS is a system used by the Prague school of Rehabilitation that takes knowledge of the developing nervous system of the infant to identify areas of dysfunction in people of all ages.

It strongly focuses on breathing techniques and specific controlled exercises to restore normal movement and increase function in people with chronically tight muscles and joints. The techniques used range from really relaxing to very strenuous exercise. The challenge is in achieving super fine control of the breathing control while performing precise movements at a range of joints.  All of the techniques taught are low impact and none of them have the ‘clunk’ or ‘crack’ usually associated with chiropractic adjustment.

Another fantastic aspect of the weekend was that we were able to bring in patients that have been struggling to get results with other therapies and those patients were able to see some improvements for the first time in years. I’ve definitely gained some new skills in managing tension around the lower back, the hips and the shoulders by identifying and re activating the small stabilising muscles that might not have been doing their jobs properly for a while. All in all it was an excellent weekend with a lot of cutting edge material that is not often presented in Australia, well worth the time.

Michael O'Doherty

Hi, I’m Michael; Chiropractor, Dad, science enthusiast, active weightlifter and keen sportsman. I work with busy and active people who are struggling with pain to find relief from their symptoms so that they can return to an active lifestyle, get through their work day and their workouts without having to pop a pill so that they can feel happier and healthier in their body.