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Happy New Year

Dear patients,


Thanks for making 2015 such a good year, Amanda and I both feel like we’ve been moving from strength to strength. The relocation to Paddington has been really been just so good for us and so many of you, our patients, it seems. The bright new space we have here in Paddington just seems to get busier.


I am happy to say we are back to normal trading hours for a very bright looking 2016! Stay tuned though because we may be adding a few more of those trading hours in the near future.


Amanda and I wish you all the best in the coming year too and look forward to seeing you soon.


Michael O’Doherty


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Michael O'Doherty

Hi, I’m Michael; Chiropractor, Dad, science enthusiast, active weightlifter and keen sportsman. I work with busy and active people who are struggling with pain to find relief from their symptoms so that they can return to an active lifestyle, get through their work day and their workouts without having to pop a pill so that they can feel happier and healthier in their body.