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Pain Killers are Best in Moderation



Pain killers can be of huge benefit in cases of back pain, neck pain, headache and the list goes on… The benefits received from pain killers are best experienced by following the prescribed dosage. If you don’t get the relief you need after a normal dose its probably time to talk to somebody about it.


Different pain killers work in different ways. Paracetamol makes it harder for your nerves to conduct pain signals. Ibuprofen reduces the inflammation that is such a big generator of pain signals. Codeine makes you feel a lot better all round and muscle relaxants can give you a lot of relief from painful spasm.


Exceeding the dose for one of these or combining all of these without supervision is definitely not advisable. If one doesn’t work ask your doctor or your pharmacist what might work. If you think your problem is musculoskeletal ask us, you may get the relief you need without drugs at all.


At the very least if pain is persistent don’t take everything you have in the medicine cabinet, it might dull the pain but you could cause yourself permanent or even deadly liver damage. If you take large doses or big mixtures of these drugs you risk a lot, you may even have to sit there while your chiropractor makes a pretty embarrassing phone call to poison information on your behalf. Likely as not you’ll have a pretty bad hangover afterwards and we all know there a much better ways to get yourself a hangover.

Michael O'Doherty

Hi, I’m Michael; Chiropractor, Dad, science enthusiast, active weightlifter and keen sportsman. I work with busy and active people who are struggling with pain to find relief from their symptoms so that they can return to an active lifestyle, get through their work day and their workouts without having to pop a pill so that they can feel happier and healthier in their body.