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There is nothing more special than meeting your baby for the very first time and starting to develop the mother and baby bond through those first cuddles and feeds. But, let’s be real; birth can be really hard, recovery can be slow and for some, breastfeeding can be a massive challenge. Birth doesn’t always go to plan and some things can have a negative effect on our musculoskeletal system and in turn impact mama’s recovery and breastfeeding such as: prolonged labour, c-section, instrument delivery (forceps, vacuum), shoulder dystocia, large baby. But, you don’t have to suffer through.

if you're dealing with:
  • After birth musculoskeletal pain

  • Abdominal separation/ weak abdominal muscles

  • Post c-section adhesions

  • Sore shoulders and arms from breastfeeding

  • Back pelvic pain

  • Breastfeeding/latch difficulties

if your baby's dealing with:
  • Poor latch

  • Fussiness at the breast

  • Birth trauma

  • Poor neck, shoulder movement

  • Difficulty with nappy changes or clothing changes

  • Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)

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We can help by addressing any underlying musculoskeletal reason for these issues. Treatment for mama may include chiropractic adjustments, muscle releases, ligament releases, fascia releases, exercises and rehab.

Treatment for a baby is very gentle and tailored to their unique stage of development. Treatment may include mobilisation, gentle pressure, muscle releases, ligament releases and stretching. Pressure is very soft and specific and we use only finger/thumb pressure (similar to testing the softness of a piece of fruit).
Chiropractor near me

Outcomes You May Experience:

  • Less pain

  • Relief from tight muscles

  • Improved strength in back and core

  • Improved latch

  • Lessening of flat spots on bub’s head

  • Easier nappy and clothing changes

  • More flexibility

  • Calmer baby

  • Better drainage of the breast/increased milk supply because of effective feeding

  • Improved neck, back, shoulder movement

  • Improved comfort in breastfeeding