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Stronger and Healthier

One of the good things about being a chiropractor is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people. Recently one patient I have spoken to, Mr Adam Meek, has told me that he is an Olympic Weight Lifting coach as well as a qualified exercise scientist. You may be familiar with the ‘snatch’ lift as well as the ‘clean and jerk’ from tv olympic coverage. I have personal practiced these lifts in the Crossfit setting while living in Toowoomba and found them to be the most enjoyable part of my practice there, besides, of course, friday morning frisbee in the park!

These exercises are incredibly good for training your core strength and improving your lifting technique, two things that are close to my heart as a chiropractor. I have even read studies that would seem to indicate that the rate of injury in this kind of practice might be around 1000x lower than for a similar amount of time playing soccer!

Adam has been lifting for some time and is a certified level 1 Olympic Weight Lifting trainer, further to this he has just qualified as an exercise scientist last year and has opened his own coaching practice! He is very  well educated on core and spinal injury rehabilitation techniques and I am excited about being able to recommend him for strengthening and rehab work.

If you believe you could benefit from a little more core endurance or a little more lifting power in your work or daily life then I  would check out and book some time with Adam, or come in and chat to us about whether it might be suitable for you.

Michael O'Doherty

Hi, I’m Michael; Chiropractor, Dad, science enthusiast, active weightlifter and keen sportsman. I work with busy and active people who are struggling with pain to find relief from their symptoms so that they can return to an active lifestyle, get through their work day and their workouts without having to pop a pill so that they can feel happier and healthier in their body.