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Video Pains

Over the past 12 months or so I have noticed a really shocking trend in practice. Each week I see an increasing number of young kids (and the young at heart) with hand, wrist and elbow complaints. When taking their history they all have something in common; they play video games.


Whether it is on a phone, a tablet, a gaming console or a computer; playing games, texting or emailing for long periods of time, although fun and highly entertaining, can lead to injuries of the upper limb. The mechanism of injury is repetitive strain. This basically means doing the same action over and over again until an injury occurs.


Although we can provide Chiropractic treatments to help decrease pain and improve function and stabilisation, it is important to try and prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place.


Things that may help include:

  • Avoid using a device
  • Taking regular breaks from using devices
  • Aim to allow your children (and yourself) to use devices for no more than 30 minutes at a time
  • Get up off the couch or up from your desk and stretch and walk around (go outside and get some fresh air)
  • Stretch your whole arm; wiggle your fingers, move your wrists back and forth and in circles, bend and straighten your elbow, stretch your arms up above your heads, make circles with your arms (pretend you are doing a freestyle and then backstroke swimming stroke in the air)


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from using a device it is recommended that you seek professional advice from a qualified health practitioner; so that you may have a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.


Until next time,

Take Care

Dr. Amanda Collins (Chiropractor)

Michael O'Doherty

Hi, I’m Michael; Chiropractor, Dad, science enthusiast, active weightlifter and keen sportsman. I work with busy and active people who are struggling with pain to find relief from their symptoms so that they can return to an active lifestyle, get through their work day and their workouts without having to pop a pill so that they can feel happier and healthier in their body.