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Watch Your Back

Low Back Pain is now Australia’s mostly costly disease! It costs Australia in treatment, it costs Australia in time off work and costs Australia in huge insurance premiums. It will affect more than 70% of Australians during their lives and 30% of these people will experience it for the rest of their lives.


Chiropractic is recognised as a safe effective way to treat low back pain, in fact it’s recognised as being at least as good as any other option available. We’re still waiting for word on ‘if not better’. If you have low back pain that’s just come on you might want to try a firm mattress, using heat packs, or simple over the counter anti inflammatory medication like Nurofen or Voltaren. Panadol is less likely to be effective for the low back.


If your back pain is persistent you should consult a health professional such as a chiropractor, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or your general practitioner. Manual therapy and exercise together as treatment is fast becoming the most researched method of coping with low back pain and is the type of treatment modern chiropractors use.