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You are busy and a high achiever and we love that! We know that you are always working so hard to do what is best for your family, which means that they always feel their best and you do too.

If you are starting to experience pain in your neck, back, hips or joints our caring chiropractors are here to help.
If you are pregnant or a new mum and experiencing pain in your back, hips, pelvis or shoulders or your baby is having trouble with breastfeeding or experienced a difficult birth; as chiropractors we work with these sorts of problems all the time and are here to help.
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Chiropractic for Motherhood

Hey Mama, we know that pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can take a real toll on the body. As a chiropractor for motherhood, we know that this stage of life can come with all kinds of challenges and no two mums are alike. That's why we treat each mum's needs with individualised chiropractic treatment plans.

So, if you are dealing with:

  • Back or pelvic pain

  • Groin pain

  • Sciatica

  • Aching hips

  • Sore shoulders, arms and hands

  • Weak core and abdominal separation

  • Latch & breastfeeding troubles

Chiropractic for Healthy Movement

Our many years of extensive chiropractic experience allows us to treat many musculoskeletal issues and focus on your speedy recovery to being active again. Whether it's sports or stress-related injuries or discomfort, our Brisbane Chiropractors have a wealth of experience and study to draw upon. There's no 'dumb' questions and we're proud to put your health first every time.

So, if you are dealing with:

  • Sore aching hips

  • Back or pelvic pain

  • Neck pain

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder or knee injuries

  • Weak muscles

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Hi From Your Chiropractors, Michael and Amanda

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Hi, we’re Michael and Amanda O’Doherty - the husband and wife team at the heart of Chiropractic Moves and home to Chiro Mamas. We run a family clinic in beautiful Paddington, Brisbane with a focus on treating conditions of the back and hips as well as working with mothers and babies to address the musculoskeletal issues of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

We are here to help you get out of pain and resolve your musculoskeletal injuries through specific Chiropractic adjustments, targeted muscle work and tailored exercises to create healthy movement and get you feeling more like yourself again.
You've got a busy life you don't have time to be slowed down by pain.

Seeing a chiropractor for the first time can be daunting. But we’re here to help you understand how chiropractic care works, what to expect and the type of treatment you’ll experience while in our care at our Paddington, Brisbane clinic.

Chiropractor’s typically undertake a minimum of five years of university training, and most will have a Masters Degree in Chiropractic to be licensed to practice in Australia. We’re specially trained to treat musculoskeletal problems, read more below.

As primary contact practitioners, you can present to a Chiropractor with any health problem or concern. Whilst most people know Chiropractors treat injuries of the back and neck, as well as headaches. We also treat, rehab or manage a range of sports injuries, and conditions like hip pain, hip bursas, shoulder tendons and bursas, carpal tunnel, tennis and golfers elbows, and a whole lot more. Our Brisbane Chiropractors also have a special interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions related to pregnancy and paediatrics.

If your presenting problem cannot be treated with Chiropractic care, we’ll inform you and we can refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

Chiropractors use a combination of different therapeutic techniques including joint mobilisations, adjustments, muscle releases and exercise programs to strengthen, reduce pain, increase range of motion and improve function in daily tasks and sporting pursuits. We create individualised treatment plans for the unique needs of each patient.

In the past you may have known chiropractors who just crack your back and tell you to follow up in a month, every month. But some people don’t like back adjustments, or do better with strengthening or muscle releases or stretching. We want to find the treatment that gets you back to your favourite activities, whether it’s sport, work or playing with the kids. We're at our best when we're helping busy high achievers who don't have time to spend on years of treatment that doesn't go anywhere, we see people who are getting back into life after a big injury, who have just had the baby(ies) or who have forged their career path, and want to get their bodies moving, exercising and healthy again.

If Chiropractic treatment is right for you, we will offer treatment at your first appointment. We won’t make you come back and sit through a long boring information night, or a half hour chat and report of findings, before starting your treatment.

Whilst X-ray examinations are not routine, imaging will be requested if your presentation requires further investigation. If you already have images relating to your complaint, bring them along.

Chiropractic care is recognised as a health service by all private health funds. If you need to figure out how much money your policy will cover we can swipe your card in our terminal at our Paddington, Brisbane clinic for an estimate, or you can call your fund and ask them directly. We encourage you to contact your insurer prior to treatment to determine your coverage. 

Our HICAPS facility allows you to directly claim from your private health fund at the time of your treatment. Then all you need to pay is the ‘gap’.