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Back and Neck pain

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Chiropractic Care for Hip and Pelvic Girdle Pain

Hip and Pelvic Pain is very common in all age groups, but it is not normal. It can have so many different causes and can become a big problem in the long term if not dealt with. We get how frustrating a clicking hip can be while you’re running. How a tight glut spasm can throw off you workout. And how a deep hip ache can stop you having a quality sleep at night, when you’re meant to be recovering. These problems can seem to come on so randomly, making it hard to figure out what’s causing them, at least until you’re given the right information. Contact our Paddington chiropractor to book your apointment.

if you're dealing with:
  • Dull aching hips

  • Weak hips/loss of power

  • Clicking hips

  • Catching in your hip

  • Stiff hips

  • Pain whilst walking up stairs

  • Pain with sitting or driving

Your Paddington Chiro

Our chiropractors at Paddington can help by providing the right chiropractic treatment approach just for you. During your session we will take a thorough history, perform a comprehensive examination to work out a diagnosis and treatment plan. If Chiropractic is not the right modality for your complaint we will help you find the right treatment. Our treatments may include; chiropractic adjustments, joint mobilisations, muscle, ligament or fascia releases and rehab exercises.

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Outcomes you may experience from our chiropractic treatment include:
  • Less pain

  • Improved movement

  • Less catching & clicking

  • Improved tolerance for sitting and driving

  • Improved endurance strength and power

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