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Panadol, No Good for Your Back.


Last week an Australian lead study by the George Institute in Sydney has  shown that paracetamol is not all its cracked up to be. This new finding  highlights how little is known about low back pain.

For the last ten years paracetamol was recommended by the Australian  Guidelines on Low Back Pain as the first therapy to try. For ten years  Australian Guidelines have recommended a treatment that has no effectiveness.  Further to this, the lead author of the paper recommended a short course of  spinal manipulation, the kind commonly delivered by Chiropractors, as being  amongst the most beneficial treatments for low back pain.

The World Health Organisation lists low back pain as the single most  burdensome disease on our economy. While we can’t say that we have all the answers, now we can at least stop wasting money on an ineffective pharmaceutical.

It is fairly well established in science now that movement is very beneficial in the rehabilitation of low back pain. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to increase the amount of movement and the quality of movement in people’s spines and is recognised as being safe but even better as being effective! If you have tried some ineffective therapies for low back then maybe its time to take control and try Chiropractic.


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Michael O'Doherty

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