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WHO is thriving?

Dear Patients,

We are excited to inform you all that we have recently begun using the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) latest assessment tool, this is software published by the WHO for the express purpose of tracking your baby’s development.

The data therein are compiled from sources all over the world and to the best of our knowledge is the most comprehensive tool for assessing a child’s progress that is available today. The software plots markers including age, weight, head circumference and crown length and creates a graph over time of a child’s develpoment compared to the average breastfed child.

While it is well established that breast fed infants thrive more than formula or mixed fed children the WHOAnthro program is the only tool that uses purely breastfed data as its normal.

If you think your baby’s progress needs to be monitored more closely we can now accurately track your child’s development at critical times.

Dr Michael O’Doherty BChiro Sc., M.Chiro