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Easy Ways to Help Improve Your Posture

As you are probably aware and likely notice with your own body that certain postural habits can lead to some quite uncomfortable things like…

  • tight shoulders
  • headaches
  • sore lower back
  • achy hips…

So, here are some simple cues for you to use to help improve posture and take away some of those poor habits that can lead to pain.

1. Stand with your weight evenly distributed between both feet

Do you ever catch yourself shifting your weight into one side?  Or leaning into one hip? This is a super common habit, especially if you have young kids that you carry on your hip and it can lead to very sore hips.

So if you catch yourself doing it, take a mental note and shift yourself back to standing on both feet and using both legs evenly.

2. Stack your ribcage over your pelvis

Do you get a pinch in your back just below your shoulder blades?  Or feel like your bottom or tummy sticks out too much when you’re standing?  Try gently shifting your upper body over your lower body so that your rib cage is in line with your pelvis.

3. Let your shoulders drop down

Do you have super tight traps that ache and feel like they always need a massage?  You are probably overusing them.  It may even feel like your shoulders are up at your ears.  Try this: shrug your shoulders up towards your ears as high as they can go and then let them go, completely relax and let your shoulders come away from your ears as far as they can.

4. Look up and bring your head backwards

Forward head carriage and the habit of looking down are so common.  Computer work, driving and looking at our phones is often the underlying driver of this habit.  This puts incredible pressure on the joints in our neck and upper back and can even make it appear like there is an increased upper back hump.

So try, lifting up your chin so it is level with the ground and bring your head backwards so it is in line with your shoulders, have your gaze up in front when you are walking and not looking at the ground.

5. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth

So, where does your tongue sit inside your mouth?  Is the tip of the tongue pushing against your teeth?  Or is your tongue lower down in your mouth?  Believe it or not, where your tongue sits can influence your posture and the position of your head.  The ideal tongue position is resting your mid tongue on the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue not touching anything.  The action is like you are sucking a lozenge up onto the roof of your mouth. Also, aim to have your jaw relaxed.  This means no clenching of the teeth.  This can be helpful at relieving jaw tension that can lead to a tension-type headache.

So give these a try.  It can take time to change habits but small changes can lead to big improvements over time.

Easy Ways to Help Improve Your Posture

Dr. Amanda O’Doherty

Hi, I’m Amanda. Chiropractor, mum, human body nerd, keen walker (with stroller of course) and social butterfly. I work with mothers and babies to help with underlying musculoskeletal issues of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding; so that mothers can gain confidence in their body for their birthing and breastfeeding journey.